April Perton and her stepdaughter typically wait until cooler evenings to ride their bikes.

Perton, co-owner of Party House Fitness, said the summer heat factored into her decision to organize a free children’s workout event from 9 to 11:20 a.m. Saturday at Texas Tumblers in Harker Heights.

“There are workouts for kids that include dancing, and prevent them from staying home or doing other outdoor sports where they are chasing a ball,” she said. “It’s Texas, and hot ... so I completely agree with those kids not wanting to go outside.”

As of Tuesday, about 100 children were already signed up for the workout. But there is still room for many more, Perton said. Others can register on Saturday.

Perton, who conducted similar fitness events for children on Fort Hood, said she wanted to get more kids in the community involved.

“It’s basically an opportunity to get kids actively involved over the summer and not just stay inside and play video games or be stuck at the house.”

Children will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of workouts, including Zumba Tonic, a Latin dance combined with hip-hop, and Bokwa Fitness, which educates kids while they exercise.

“We use cues,” she said. “It’s American Sign Language and learning letters and numbers on the floor while working out.

Perton said an obstacle course will appeal to young teens who attend the workout.

“They will be able to run through tires and roll with balls,” she said. “It’s something for the older kids who range from 10 to 13, so they can all participate.”

To sign up for the workout, go to www.partyhousefitnesskilleen.eventbrite.com. Texas Tumblers is at 323 Indian Trail, Harker Heights.

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