A dozen participants met at the Harker Heights Activities Center on Monday to learn the craft of seed paper making.

The class led by Heather Cox, activities coordinator, was part of the ongoing Heights Gardener’s Education Series. A hands-on activity for participants followed a brief overview and demonstration from Cox.

“I was just kind of curious. I thought it would be more of a cup,” said Lesley Laughing of Killeen about why she attended the class.

“I didn’t realize we’d be making it out of paper.”

Supplies needed for anyone to make plantable seed paper at home include shreds of non-glossy paper, flat seeds, a mixing bowl, a blender, towels or cloths for pressing, a screen or cookie cutter for shaping and a piece of parchment or plastic sheeting.

“They make fun gifts, cards or bookmarks that are plantable,” Cox said, passing out handouts detailing the four basic steps to make seed paper. “First, tear or shred your recycled paper into small pieces and soak them overnight in a bowl of water.”

Next, she instructed the class to pour a half-cup of water into a blender, and add a handful of soaked, shredded paper, blending until it makes a past or pulp.

“You can add food coloring at this step if you want to make it more colorful,” Cox said, adding a handful of seeds to the paper pulp. “Do not use the blender here, because you risk damaging the seeds.”

She then laid towels on a flat surface to soak up the water from the seed paper pulp mix. She proceeded to press the mix into the screen and used a cookie cutter to form shapes on parchment paper.

“Thinner paper dries faster,” Cox said.

Lastly, Cox said it was essential to dry the paper, or else the seeds will begin to grow.

Rebecca Palmisano, of Harker Heights, brought her children, Vincent and Isabella, to the class.

“(It was) just to have fun and make something different that they can use (and) to teach them something new,” she said.

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