On a recent Wednesday morning in Harker Heights Community Park, 10 people wearing GetFit T-shirts gathered in the mist to do two different exercises.

One is called “Tabata” and the other is called “Jack Bauer.” In the middle of the group, GetFit organizer Kim Mansell holds a timer and directs everyone through exercises.

Mansell has led GetFit in Heights parks since she moved back to Texas three years ago.

“I just started training a couple of friends ... and they grabbed a couple of friends, and all of a sudden, I’ve got 10 people in my driveway and we’re just all working out,” Mansell said. “It got to the point where I had to come up with something more structured.”

Mansell chose to hold her classes in the park because it allowed for space and the playgrounds allowed parents to bring their kids to the workouts.

The lessons are always short to benefit people with busy schedules.

Mansell was certified as a Crossfit trainer in Dallas in 2010. She runs the GetFit programs with fellow trainers Heidi Ewing and Julie Stender.

During their busy season, they can have up to 17 classes a week. During the summer, Mansell runs a program she calls F.A.S.S.T. (Fitness Ability Speed Sport Training) Camp, a three-week program for middle- and high-school athletes to help them improve before the fall athletic season.

Recently, Mansell has been collaborating with Christian Life Church on the PB&J Project to provide underprivileged children with “kid-friendly” food.

The project currently feeds 30 children at Peebles Elementary, but Mansell hopes to expand the project to at least two more schools by the end of the year.

Her ultimate goal is project inclusion in every school in the community.

In order to raise enough money to reach that goal, GetFit and Christian Life Church are holding a 5k run on Aug. 31 at the Harker Heights Community Park.

“What we really felt compelled to do is to do this 5k fundraiser to really fund the project for the entire year,” Mansell said.

For more information about GetFit and the 5k fundraiser, email Mansell at getfitbykim@gmail.com.

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