Each month the faculty and staff at Harker Heights High School gives a shout out to any staff member they believe deserves one.

Once the month ends, the staffers add up all the shout-outs and the two teachers who receive the most are recognized as Teachers of the Month.

In the month of October, that award went to Kimberly Basset and Brittany Hickman.

Hickman, 27, lives in Killeen and teaches English II to the 10th-graders and UP English III to the 11th-graders.

Hickman is a military brat and did her schooling in Virginia, so she claims this state as her home of record.

Her dad got stationed in Germany and while she was there with her parents, she met her husband, Isaiah. He and Hickman had a long-distance relationship throughout college and then married.

The couple has been married for two years, and Hickman and her husband have been stationed here since 2016.

Hickman is has three younger brothers, ages 17, 22 and 24. She graduated from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

Hickman credits reading and helping her younger siblings with their homework with sparking her love for teaching literature.

In her younger years, she was a camp counselor and she babysat.

“I am thankful to my brothers because they helped me to pursue what I was passionate about,” Hickman said.

When asked why she felt she was selected for teacher of the month, Hickman had this to say: “We have a real good community here at Harker Heights High. We all help each other whenever we can. I help out where I can also. It is good for the kids to see us all working together.

“I feel very fortunate to have the co-workers that I have; they are selfless, helping and hardworking. One of my favorite things about working at my job right now is the fact that if we know another staff member needs help, we jump right in and help. “

Basset, 31, lives in Harker Heights and was the Campus Technologist for Harker Heights High at the time she received this award.

On Nov. 2, she began working at Technology Services off Bee Line Road In Harker Heights for Killeen Independent School District.

Basset has worked for the district for six years. She is originally from Hawaii; however, the military brought her family here.

“I graduated from Harker Heights High in 2004, moved back to Hawaii for a few years, got married and came back to Harker Heights with my husband because he got stationed here,” Basset said.

Bassett and her husband, Stan, have three children, Savannah 8, S.J., 5, and Sofia, 2.

Bassett graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a minor in computer science.

She is currently pursuing her Masters in Learning and Technology.

“I decided to work in the school system because it brought me closer to home and my mom and husband,” she said. “I also got to return back to the school that I love. Once a Knight always a Knight. I am enjoying the chance to discover new things.”

When asked why she thinks she got this award, Bassett had this to say:

“I help out my co-workers when there is a crisis, helping fix things when there is an issue. I have been told several times that I have saved the day.

“I take time to teach everyone how to use new technology and help them get comfortable with it, they then come and thank me,” she said.

“I say thank you; however, I am just doing my job — a job that I love.”

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