Long-time friend Chad Levin, son of slain Heights Police Officer Paul Levin, pins a badge on Jack Chapman who was promoted Wednesday from patrol officer to corporal in the Criminal Investigation Division.

In his 21 years in law enforcement, Harker Heights Police Officer Jack Chapman never really wanted to get promoted. He wanted to be one of the foot officers and be one of the guys with boots on the ground.

“I come from a long line of police officers, and every day I wake up is a beautiful day,” Chapman said.

On Wednesday, Chapman, 52, got promoted to corporal. He was the patrol officer on the day shift where he was assigned to the Gang Unit.

“This new job gives me a chance to be a mentor, a role model and a good leader,” Chapman said. “I get to represent the department by taking the cases written by the patrol officers and taking their work and putting the pieces of the puzzle together to enure see that justice is best served for the citizens of our community."

Chapman was with the department for the past six years, his wife, Kelly Chapman, and close friend Chad Levin stood by his side and participated in the ceremony that marked his promotion to the Criminal Investigation Division.

Besides being one of Chapman’s best friends, Levin is the son of slain Harker Heights officer Carl Levin.

Before his time with Harker Heights, Chapman served in the Air Force for four years and spent 17 years at the Killeen Police Department. After retiring from KPD, he worked as a station commander in Kosovo in 2002 for one year before serving as the civil police liaison at Fort Hood for two years.

“In what ever environment we find ourselves we must have a learner’s attitude,” Police Chief Mike Gentry said. “If we do that, we will leave a mark behind that will be positive.”

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