At 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, the Texas summer sun was already raising the mercury to spicy temperatures at the Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center’s first annual Pet Party.

With inflatable bounce houses, arts and crafts, face painting and guided tours of the pet adoption center, the heat didn’t stop hordes of children from having fun.

“Today is all about having fun, and promoting pet adoptions,” said Rose Ramon, Stewart C. Meyer Library clerk.

The center moved to its current facility on Indian Trail in December 2010. The $1.44-million, 6,000-square-foot facility features 21 dog kennels and 38 cat cages for pet adoptions.

“I actually adopted my own dog from the Pet Adoption Center,” Ramon said. “So I’m thrilled that we can have this event to showcase how fun the experience of getting a dog with us is.”

Hosted in conjunction with the library, the Pet Party aimed to build a sense of community and help educate children about the importance of pet adoptions.

“I just believe that pet adopting is so important,” Ramon said.

“Different shelters offer different things. Some have fees that cover spaying and neutering, while here in Heights we don’t have that policy, so our adoption fees are only $10. I really think that it is so important to give these animals a second chance, as we don’t know each animal’s history.”

After seeing the many parents and children in attendance, officials expressed excitement about making the event permanent.

“The turnout this year was excellent,” Ramon said. “We are interested in doing something similar next year. Events like this will help people realize that the Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center is filled with wonderful pets and animals.”

Herald/Erik Papke​

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