In an effort to encourage the development of smaller single-family lots in the older parts of town, the Harker Heights City Council on Tuesday adopted two new zoning districts — R1-I and R2-I.

The key components of the R-1I zoning district include the reduction of the lot size from 8,400 square feet to 3,500 square feet. The R1-I designation also reduces the side yard setbacks from 6 feet to 5 feet, its use restricted to the older portions of the city.

Joseph Molis, director of planning and development, said, “I was guided by the council to create incentives and to allow a one-year extension for all R1-I lots plotted or rezoned after Sept. 30.

A new ordinance, R2-I (two-family infill dwelling district), was established at the request of the council, developers and residents expressing a desire for more housing types for development and redevelopment throughout the city. The new ordinance changes the lot size to 6,000 square feet.

Molis said he believes that the new ordinance will allow for construction on the existing lots and that it will stimulate development in those areas.

The new district has been limited to the north side of city in an area bounded by IH-14 to the south, Roy Reynolds to the west, Lookout Ridge and Farm-to-Market 3219 on the east and the city limits on the north.

In other action:

A construction bid was awarded to Bruce Flanigan Construction, in the amount of $336,319.70, to begin work on the Mountain Lion Road Retaining Wall Project.

The project will include relocating about 1,052 linear feet of 8-inch water line, removing about 752 linear feet of wooden retaining wall and replacing it with segmented block retaining wall, removing and replacing about 778 linear feet of wooden privacy fence, and the removal and replacement of a concrete driveway, concrete sidewalk and concrete flume.

City Manager David Mitchell reported to the council that the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance had been talking with him concerning a proposed Defense Economic Adjustment Grant for the Greater Fort Hood Area.

HOTDA has been working throughout the region in coordinating projects for the grant.

Mitchell said the city of Harker Heights is contributing $5,000 to replace the closed-circuit cameras at Hood Army Air Field. The cameras will replace non-functioning cameras at the airfield and cameras on the civilian side of the airport, as well. This is valuable to the military because soldiers have had to maintain perimeter security of the airfield.

Mayor Spencer Smith proclaimed October 8-14 as Fire Prevention Week throughout the community. The 2017 Fire Prevention Week theme is “Every second counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!”

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