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Harker Heights City Council candidates Jackeline Foutain, from left, Laurie McElhiney and Pat Christ answer questions Thursday during the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce’s political forum at St Pauls Chong Hasang Catholic Church in Harker Heights.

Eric J. Shelton | Herald

The three candidates for the Place 3 seat on the Harker Heights City Council aired their views Thursday, during a noontime forum sponsored by the Governmental Affairs Committee of the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce.

The forum, which took place at the St. Paul Chong Hasang Parish Center, featured the candidates running for the council seat vacated by Spencer Smith, who announced that he is seeking the position of mayor in the May 6 election.

Spencer is running unopposed, as is John Reider, the Place 4 councilman.

Dr. Karen Clos, chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee, facilitated the meeting that drew a crowd of about 80 people.

Clos introduced the three candidates: Pat Christ, Jackeline Soriano Fountain and Laurie Williamson McElhiney.

Clos asked the candidates three questions and then the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions, as well.

The first question was “What do you see as the primary responsibility of a council member?

Fountain said, “I want to be the voice of the citizens of Harker Heights and make sure that the local policies and procedures and state guidelines are on point.”

“As we grow, I want to make sure that our first responders are prepared,” McElhiney said. “If we need to realign so their response times keep our citizens safe, then let’s do it.”

Christ responded, “You have to make good decisions and those have to take into consideration a wide variety of things such as the rules and laws to the desires and likes of the citizens. For every situation there are two opinions. I feel that my prior experience on the council will help me make the best decision.”

Question Two was “What in your opinion are the top issues facing the city in the next four years?

McElhiney answered first, saying, “Even though drainage is one of my main issues, I feel the city staff can take care of those. Development and our developers is another issue where I need assurances that they build to where we can maintain a good tax rate. First responders should always remain at the top of our list.”

According to Christ, one of the main issues is transportation.

“Despite the fact that we are looking at road improvements, we still need to look at the best way to move our residents throughout the city,” he said. “We do have some extremely difficult problems to work out. We do have a plan that will make that situation better and I’d like to see it come to fruition. Sewage is one of our next big ones. We know our sewage plant has a maximum capacity and as we grow something will have to be done.”

Fountain said, “I’ve had a chance to sit down with city staff and find out what the issues are going to be in the future. I’m convinced these are being addressed and I believe our city and council are addressing the needs of the city. We are postured in the right direction.”

Question Three was “What are the key and/or personal experiences from local or community involvement that would best qualify you for the anticipated service as a City Council member?

Christ said, “I served on the Council or 12 years and there’s nothing like experience that teaches you how to do the job best. I’ve been giving to the community in a variety ways that will serve me best.”

“McElhiney said, “Running a business and getting to know my customers and speaking to them everyday has taught me why they come here and choose to stay. I talk and I listen and I’ve never met a stranger. That’s how I will approach this Council position.”

“My former position in the Army has prepared me for this position,” Fountain said. “My service to the community covers a wide spectrum and gives me a clear view of the needs in Harker Heights.”

One question from the audience concerned the communication and relationship between Harker Heights and the county commissioners.

In response, Christ said, “The biggest discussion between the two of us right now is infrastructure and especially roads, but the lines are open if there is a project that surfaces where we need to work together.”

Early voting starts Monday in the Heights City Council election. Ballots can be cast weekdays through May 2 at Harker Heights City Hall.

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