Harker Heights Council members at their Nov. 6 workshop meeting continued their discussion about the two proposals for trash pickup and the optional “At Your Door” service for hazardous material as presented last week by Waste Management Inc.

No official action was taken, but members did take the time to express their individual preferences.

Proposal 2 was the unanimous choice, which is solid waste collection once per week in a 96-gallon cart provided by Waste Management; and curbside single-stream recycle collection every other week also in 96-gallon carts.

Curbside bulk collection would be once per month with a 3-cubic-yard limit, not to exceed 75 pounds. The cost is $13.95 per residence each month.

City Manager David Mitchell said, “Proposal 2 is the more traditional and several cities use this method. Getting this response from the council was helpful to the staff in beginning the process of gathering information and providing them with a timetable, standards and any contractual negotiations that might be needed.”

Mitchell told the Herald that there are two things that need to be worked out before trash pickup is brought back to the council for a final vote.

“We have to figure out the criteria for who will be allowed to have the smaller 64-gallon cans,” he said. “We also have to discuss a matrix of how pick up will actually be completed such as in the case of residents who have disabilities.”

Considering the preparation by the staff and Waste Management, the system, if approved by the council, could begin in early 2019.

Resident Robert Whitney, 83, told the Herald after the meeting that he is most concerned with the size of the 96-gallon containers. “There are a lot people close to my age who are sick and disabled and won’t be able to move these carts. We don’t need a new recycling system; just do a better job with what we have to work with. I believe we have a good waste management system in place now.”

In other business, Finance Director Alberta Barrett informed council members of upcoming projects that had been introduced during the 2018-19 budget.

Additional funding options will be needed for these projects and will come from 2019 Certificates of Obligation.

Some of the major projects are renovation of Fire Station No. 2 on Stillhouse Lake Road, a traffic light at Cedar Knob and Farm-to-Market 3481, and a turn lane at Fuller Lane and FM 3481, in addition to several street improvements.

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