City staff presented their first draft of a survey about waste management in Harker Heights during a workshop Tuesday.

They were told by council members to edit the survey, then bring it back a second time for further consideration.

Some council members suggested simplifying the survey, which would be sent to Heights residents about options for trash collection and possible recycling programs.

Others said that it (the survey) was too lengthy and had a concern that residents might not take the time to complete it.

Several council mebmers also recommended combining and blending some of the questions.

“They want it to be a solid survey that would give us a clear representation of a majority of the citizens,” said City Manager David Mitchell.

At an April 4 workshop, city staff told the council it was looking into possible improvements in the solid waste program currently provided by Waste Management.

Waste Management also presented a proposal for the collection of waste in the future.

Before implementing a potential change in the way waste is collected and researching single-stream curbside recycling, the staff suggested that a survey be created to obtain input from the citizens concerning the current system.

The council directed the city manager’s office to develop the survey and bring it back for consideration and possible approval at a later date.

Mitchell said, “We sought help from the Texas State University Center for Research, Public Policy and Training. They also collected basic demographic data to be used to validate the survey against existing census data.”

When the survey is completed and distributed, it will be available online. Requests to take the survey will be delivered via inserts in water bills, a press release to local media and the city’s website in addition to social media.

Some of the sample questions on the first draft included satisfaction with current trash collection and curbside recycling.

, participation in a household hazardous waste pickup program, and various demographic inquiries about age, ethnicity, and total household income.

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