Deciding which roadwork projects take priority and how to best spend the city’s money going forward were the topics of discussion at a Harker Heights City Council workshop Tuesday.

Mark Hyde, public works director, gave presentations on roadwork projects on Farm-to-Market 2410, FM 3481 and U.S. Highway 190. The first project Hyde presented to the council was the full-length FM 2410-widening project, which entails constructing five lanes on FM 2410 from Commercial Drive to Roy Reynolds Drive.

Hyde said the city could utilize the full Category 7 funds of $574,663 awarded by the Killeen-Temple Metropolitan Planning Organization. The Texas Department of Transportation would pitch in $368,235 toward the project, he said. To fully fund the project, the city would have to pay $1.5 million, $500,000 more than the council had originally budgeted. Also discussed were several future capital improvements projects and debt issuance scenarios.

Hyde also presented a reduced-length option for the widening project, where the city would construct five lanes on FM 2410 from Commercial Drive to Ann Boulevard with a turn lane at Highland Oaks Drive. The total cost of the option is $3.6 million versus $5.7 million for the full-scale version.

Mayor Mike Aycock voiced some concerns about the homes on Ann Boulevard and Roy Reynolds Drive opening up to a five-lane road and asked Hyde if the project could be scaled down to three lanes. He said five lanes seemed “excessive.”

City Manager Steve Carpenter said that would require TxDOT approval, as the state agency has been very adamant about putting in five lanes.

Hyde’s final presentation to the council was the FM 3481 left-turn project, which entails putting in a left-turn lane from south of Prospector Trail to FM 2410 and widening Verna Lee Boulevard from Pinewood Drive to FM 2410, relocating signal lights at the intersection and installing lights at the intersection of Prospector Trail and FM 3481. The council tabled the discussion until a later date.

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