A representative of Waste Management, the residential waste collection service for the City of Harker Heights, met Tuesday with council members at a workshop to ask for an upgrading of services and a five-year contract extension.

Paul Daugereau, public sector solutions manager for Waste Management of Texas, Inc., presented two separate proposals and an optional offering from within the contract.

The council asked several questions about the changes that would be initiated but took no action on the item.

The proposals, as presented: (1) Solid waste collection would be once per week in a 96-gallon cart provided by WM, curbside single-stream recycle collection would be once per week, also in a 96-gallon cart, and curbside bulk collection would be once per month with a 3-cubic-yard limit not exceed 75 pounds. The cost would be $15.95 per residence per month.

In proposal 2, solid waste collection would be once per week in 96-gallon carts, curbside single-stream recycle collection would be every other week in the same size cart, curbside bulk collection would be once per month with a 3-cubic-yard limit and not to exceed 75 pounds at a cost of $13.95 per residence per month.

The optional offering from WM would be an “At Your Door” Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Program, at a cost of 88 cents per residence per month.

The current solid waste fee paid by Harker Heights residents is $13.42.

Mitchell said they’ve reached out through “Exploring New Heights,” which was an information gathering project to find out what residentns want from their city.

Results of the poll indicated that loss of bulk loading was the number one concern, along with the size of the cans and keeping the dump site open on FM 2410.

If the new contract is approved, it will include the purchase of four new automated trucks at a cost of $400,000 each. Two trucks would be for waste collection and two trucks for single- stream-recycle collection.

The cost of cans would total $500,000.

The new trucks, as they are sometimes called “one armed bandits” have a hydraulic arm that reaches over the side with a special grabber hand that hooks to the can and lifts it over the top of the truck where it’s dumped.

“As you can tell, the old back loading trucks would go away but might be used on bulk loading days,” according City Manager David Mitchell said.

Mitchell told the Herald on Wednesday that the item would appear again on the Nov. 6 meeting agenda to provide an opportunity for further discussion and direction for city staff concerning the waste management issue.

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Seems like it is time for Waste Management to offer service to Harker Heights that 1) reduces number of curbside pickups to once a week and cost more money. Apparently their proposal includes updated the system into mechanized pickup using the large 96 gallon containers. New "trash cans" and new trucks? Probably replace one of the trash truck crew with robo arm!
We recycle and compost. Our biweekly trash generally fits into a regular size Walmart shopping plastic bag. That's a lonely bag a little smaller than a basketball sitting by the curb. They are trading me up to 2 uniform big containers which are 35.5 in. wide x 29.75 in. deep x 43.5 in. tall. My question: where do I keep these large ugly behemoths? Probably won't be animal proof because those are more expensive - so midnight snack time for dogs, possums, and racoons, not at my house but others and into the street.
Put them in garage - well if you don't compost, week old decaying food in the garage is unattractive ambiance!
Stick them out front - wow, that will brighten up the neighborhood! I am sure there will be novel ideas on placement.
Curbside pickup of other refuse, i.e. tree limbs, old furniture, etc are neatly classified under 3 cubic feet less than 75 lbs once a month, as opposed to 4x2 bundled 2 time a week. (Doesn't really matter few even know how to do it now.)
I have no constructive advice on this issue. Wish I did. Just pointing out things to be considered. My "water bill" is one of the highest regular utilities payments that I make. Trash pick up is a big item along with sewage treatment of the H20 that gets watered on the lawn during the droughts (get it?).

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