In August 2016, the master plan development began for the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport.

“With the help of public and council input, we’ve come up with a very comprehensive plan, “ said Matt Van Valkenburgh, executive director of aviation for the City of Killeen.

The public meeting held Wedesday at the Harker Heights Activities Center attracted one resident from Killeen, three representatives from Garver Aviation Planners, and an architect with Corgan of Dallas.

The crowd might have been small, but Van Valkenburgh was surrounded by a variety of huge posters, architectural drawings and other visual displays that thoroughly explained all the steps that have been taken to develop the plan.

The airport plan will set local air service for the next 20 years.

The costs of the project are divided into three parts: short-term capital projects-$ 26,202,985, mid term capital projects-$61,593,050, and long-term capital projects-$359,105,780.

The grand total project cost is $446,900,815.

The long-term capital projects portion will be funded with Department of Defense money that will be used to build a second runway, according to Van Valkenburg.

“The project will not be funded out of local general funds but through various grants and other funding mechanisms such as user fees and Airport Improvement Program Funds,” Van Valkenburgh said.

“When you pay your property tax, none of those dollars goes to the airport but to support the city,” he added.

Some of the numerous considerations in creating the plan have included airport facilities, airspace and air traffic activity, airport access and parking and utilities. Facility requirements investigated were design categories, runway length and strength, support facilities, taxiways, airfield capacity, hangar facilities, terminal building and navigational aids.

The lone participant, Michael Boyd, of Killeen said, “I came in here anticipating to see drawings of four or five terminals and the look of Love Field or something like that, but it seems like you guys have been really conservative with the planning and that’s great!”

Another public meeting took place Wednesday in Copperas Cove, and a third meeting was held in Killeen on Thursday.

Once the public meetings have been completed, consultants will finalize a draft of the plan to be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration for final approval.

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