Along with several other regional communities, the city of Harker Heights renewed its Cen-Tex Sustainability Partnership with Fort Hood as a part of Fort Hood’s Earth Day Celebration on April 25.

The partnership began five years ago and was renewed for another five years. The goal of the partnership is sharing information and knowledge across the Central Texas region.

The city of Harker Heights originally entered into partnership with Fort Hood and other area cities five years ago to encourage sustainability. Information is shared through the partnership’s website as well as the city’s website and Facebook page. This relationship will continue because of the increased communication and the ability for partners to share information on their programs and encourage more participation.

One of the primary ways the city promotes sustainability is through the Recycling Center. In addition to recyclable items, the Recycling Center also takes tires, brush and bulk trash.

“The center has helped reduce a large amount of recyclable items from going to the landfill. The bulk trash collection has reduced the trash that might end up illegally dumped and/or find its way into our creeks and lakes,” said David Mitchell, Harker Heights city manager.

Other Harker Heights sustainability initiatives include the promotion of hazardous waste clean-up events to help reduce environmental and health hazards. In the future, the partnership plans to continue to promote the sharing of information regarding sustainability, including sustainability education among all partners.

“The city believes in being a good steward of the resources we are entrusted with. This partnership allows us to information share and learn of new programs that might be of benefit to our citizens,” Mitchell said.

The city of Harker Heights is actively seeking members for the citizens committee to help with public educational outreach programs.

For more information about the partnership, go to

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