A Harker Heights resident won the nomination to represent Fort Hood as the 2018 Armed Forces Insurance Base Military Spouse of the Year.

However, Marta Rivera Diaz — the Family Readiness Group leader for B Company, 21st Combat Support Hospital — said she felt she had done nothing different from the other deserving spouses chosen to represent the post.

But according to her husband, Hector Rivera, the unit’s first sergeant, what Marta does to bring the families of his unit closer together is what the Army considers a “force multiplier” in terms of his unit’s readiness.

Marta was nominated by a fellow spouse for the honor of becoming the post’s Spouse of the Year, something that was both surprising and humbling, she said.

“For her to nominate me was extremely humbling, because she is a home-school mom of four, Army wife, volunteer, teaches classes on post ... She’s insane,” Marta said. “So for her to nominate me was like, ‘wow, I must be doing a pretty good job over here.’”

Finding out she had actually won the nomination as the Fort Hood Spouse of the Year was even more humbling, she said.

“I was nauseous ... For me to get the email to accept my nomination ... I was standing in the kitchen, doing some blog work, and I just got nauseous,” she recalled. “Because I knew what it meant — somebody thought enough of what I was doing as a spouse and as a person. So for me, it’s a very humbling experience.”

When her husband’s unit found out, the soldiers and family members had no problem cheering her on and keeping her in the spotlight.

“They were stoked — they were all over Facebook and talking about having banners made and put all over post,” Hector said. “I was very excited for her. She didn’t do any of these things hoping someone would nominate her or that she would win this, she did it because she felt compelled to. She saw the need, and she had or found the resources to address the need.”

Marta is a food blogger and a chef who graduated from culinary school a month prior to marrying her husband. While never actually using her degree as a formal chef at a restaurant, she is author of a food blog called “Sense and Edibility” and also published a cookbook in 2016. She is a home-school mom of 12-year-old twins.

dbryant@kdhnews.com | 254-501-7554

dbryant@kdhnews.com | 254-501-7554

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