After stepping out of a successful high school career, Zachary Snider, 17, is hoping for a stellar college career, too.

The Harker Heights High School class of 2013 salutatorian was recently named to the Temple College President’s Honor List for maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Snider attended classes at Temple College while he still a Harker Heights Knight. He was part of the college’s Texas Bioscience Institute, which promotes the development of scientists qualified to support medical and biotechnology industries in Central Texas. The institute, which uses Scott & White facilities, serves high school students seeking associate’s degrees.

Snider became intrigued in the science, technology, engineering and math fields when he was a junior, completing 16 hours of job shadowing in the Scott & White emergency room.

“It seemed right that I should go into medicine as I worked there,” he said.

The only child of William and Tina Snider, Zack grew up in a military home. The family moved to Harker Heights from Killeen when he was in seventh grade, and he enjoys living in the community.

“I like the Harker Heights environment, the small community feel, nice shopping areas,” he said. “And the city officials are very diligent in regard to issues.”

Family and friends say Snider has always been a good student and has won many honors for academic and leadership qualities. Longtime family friend Jan Dykes has known Zack for his whole life.

“He is a brilliant student and well-rounded young man,” she said.

Close friend Zachary Seal said Zack Snider is a friendly guy and loyal friend who is destined to succeed in life.

“Whatever he sets his mind on he will accomplish,” Seal said.


Herald/Sandra Duffy Oliver​

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