More than 150 Harker Heights residents and many more shoppers braved 100-degree temperatures Saturday as they took advantage of the third annual City Wide Garage Sale.

The city waived its garage sale permit fees for the day to encourage residents to open their garages and put price tags on their priceless and not-so-precious excess items. A 1918 Victorian couch, art pieces and baby gear were some of the merchandise available, said Harker Heights Activities Coordinator Heather Cox.

Jane Veit and her husband sat outside their house, watching families and couples make yes-or-no decisions as they browsed through items available in their garage sale, which included a set of folding chairs made in the 1800s, foreign figurines, clothes and paintings. Their sale opened at sunrise, and by 2 p.m. the Veits had earned $20.

The Veits enjoyed clearing out their house for the citywide event, but had one pesky problem: the heat.

“I suggest having the next one in October,” Jane Veit said.

Cox received similar complaints from other residents, and said she’s willing to change the date for next year.

“I will be mailing this year’s participants a survey to fill out to see what time of the year they prefer,” she said.

Despite the heat, some residents made an effort to give their customers an enjoyable shopping experience.

“I saw some participants put moonwalks out so the children can play while the parents shopped,” Cox said.

Barbara and Dave Haley, Harker Heights community services officer, sat in their garage with their daughter, Amber Ode, Saturday afternoon. Within four hours, they had sold airplanes, outdoor furniture, a dog igloo and household decorations.

The Haleys shared with customers their knowledge about the items and personal experiences.

“I really like this for my new home,” a customer said, holding a bronze sculpture. “I just moved in with my fiance.”

Barbara Haley said she and her husband purchased the sculpture when they married 33 years ago.

“I hope it serves you the same for the next 30 years,” Dave Haley said.

Herald/Mary Mejia

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