Egg Hunt

Children and their parents wait to collect Easter eggs Friday during the 22nd annual Harker Heights Easter Egg Hunt at the Heights Community Park Ball Fields.

Eric J. Shelton | Herald

An unofficial count of what seemed to be several thousand children, ages 8 and under, plus their parents, hunted 12,000 Easter eggs on April 14, at the 22nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Harker Heights Community Park, sponsored by Parks and Recreation.

As the children and their parents were allowed into the ball fields they lined the fences in the outfield and used the time to coach their children on how to hunt the eggs.

Bobby Johnson from Killeen shared this advice with his son: “Don’t let your bucket fall and spend time picking up the same eggs. I have a little Egg 101 Strategy going on,” Johnson said.

Holding a princess bucket was Taylor Cooper, 7, who said, “I hope to pick up 500 eggs!”

As the clock continued to tick toward the starting time of 6:15 p.m., Phillip Vicente of Temple told the Herald that he had trained his daughter, Aleena, by starting her hunting eggs in the backyard.

“Now that she’s 8, she’s ready for the big one today,” Vicente said.

From the time the “Go” signal blared across the four baseball fields at Harker Heights Community Park, all eggs had been picked up in about three minutes.

Fields 1-4 at the park were designated as the hunting grounds for the plastic eggs.

“Three of the fields were divided by age groups with the fourth field being specifically for adaptive children only,” said event coordinator Nichole Broemer.

Inside the eggs were candy, toys and stickers, except for a few that had prize slips that children could redeem for gifts such as large Easter baskets and other toys.

The Herald caught up with one of the top winners.

Trinity Carson, 6, won a basket full of toys, bunnies, candy, bubbles, a water bottle and more.

Trinity’s mom, Monique, of Killeen said, “This is really great for the kids.”

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