I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. I know that making resolutions is a sure way for me to fail at whatever it is I’m resolving to do. Even the word “resolution” throws up red flags, causing me to break out in hives and burst into tears.

On the other hand, I do like to make my own version of the “Bucket List.” In my version, I do not make lists of the things I want to do, see or experience before I die. No, considering my well-developed procrastination skills, that’s another sure way for me to fail.

Instead, I make wish lists and to-do lists for the coming year. I give myself a deadline. I work better on deadline anyway, so I have a much greater chance of completing at least some of the things on my list before the year ends.

I’ve already started making lists in my head but have yet to record them on paper or computer. I think that’s an important step. I believe writing down our prayers, wishes and dreams secures them in the universe. Since God made us all in his likeness, I figure he must also be a scatter-brained procrastinator with short-term memory problems (and now, hot flashes).

So when I write down my good intentions and wishes, I’m sort of like God’s secretary. I’m taking notes for him, so he has someplace to go when he can’t remember what I talked to him about yesterday.

So, for God’s sake, here is a small part of my 2013 Bucket List.

1. Go to more live music events. When I lived in Colorado, I fell in love with music festivals. If I were younger, I would probably be one of those people who follow bands around in Volkswagen vans painted with peace signs and flowers. If it were 1968, I’d probably be a hippie. But I’m not young and it’s not 1968, so I will instead make an effort to listen to local bands and catch my favorite music in Austin.

2. Dance more. I love dancing. My husband is not a dancer, but that doesn’t bother me. I don’t need a partner. (See hippie reference above.)

3. Go to lots of baseball games. I want to sit in the stands in the sun, eat popcorn and nachos and comment on other spectators and players’ walk-up songs while my husband sits beside me predicting every pitch that is thrown.

4. Find a church that my husband and I both love, with good music and friendly people who are real, where God shows up on a regular basis.

5. Let go … of unhealthy expectations and dreams that are no longer realistic or suited to my life. I want to embrace who I am right now and accept the people I love as they are, expecting no more or less than they are willing to give.

6. Be less selfish and “pay it forward” more often. After years of being in survival mode, I had forgotten how good it feels to help others. Recently I was reminded, on more than one occasion, that there are some really wonderful, unselfish people in the world and I want to be one of them.

Well, that’s a start. There it is in writing and that’s almost as good as done, right?

Happy New Year, everyone!

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