The Harker Heights Rotary Club’s Interact Club has big plans for 2014.

The club’s first major project since receiving its charter in October will focus on sending school supplies to Africa and teaming with the organization Develop Africa.

“Develop Africa had many programs to choose from, but we selected the one that promoted education and a school supplies drive,” said Jessica Babb, club president. “This won’t be just a drive at (Harker Heights High School), but will expand into our community and other campuses in the school district.”

The Interact Club is the second club to be chartered within District 5870 of Rotary International, which consists of 64 clubs throughout Central Texas.

Interact is a service-based club for students ages 12-18. The club’s name is a combination of the words “international” and “action.”

Paulina Gomez, an Interact officer and club member, appeared at the Rotary Club’s Jan. 16 meeting to report on plans already in the works.

Their ultimate goal is to promote the need for education in impoverished countries.

Kacie Arey, a club director, said they would get the community involved in fundraising through a 5K run.

“A date or location has not been set, but we want to advertise this event so our Heights Rotary Club, citizens of Killeen, Harker Heights and all of our schools are involved,” Arey said.

Schools will be asked to have their own drives to promote leadership.

“Within HHHS, we will have smaller projects that will promote the beginning of the drive,” Arey said.

In addition to Babb, club officers are Jeremy Candeles, vice-president; Julia Smith, secretary; and Logan Melvin, treasurer. Arey and Madison Helton are directors.

John Johnson is the Rotarian adviser and Stacy Stool is the HHHS adviser.

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