Melanie McConaghy had a very busy year.

McConaghy is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of Veterans of Foreign Wars at Harker Heights and is finishing a term as state president. Ladies Auxiliary members are having a homecoming for her Saturday in honor of her year in that elected position, which comes to an end in June.

As state president, McConaghy is charged with visiting all 24 districts and every Veterans Affairs hospital in the state.

“I’ve had a wonderful year and I’ve enjoyed visiting with all of our members,” she said, adding that she is the third state president that Post 3892 has had. “I’ve visited 18 districts so far and I look forward to the rest of my tour.”

As a VFW auxiliary member, she has held all the positions and has been a chairwoman on all programs. She also has held all elected positions in District 14 as well as chairmenships. She currently holds the last elected position in the state.

In preparation for this event, the group began fundraising and planning the event in 2011, according to Pat Moore, trustee.

“It’s just amazing what our members do for our veterans,” she said. “I have chosen a theme based on the Irish claddagh ring, which symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship: ‘Serving veterans with love, loyalty and friendship.’”

The Ladies Auxiliary was founded in 1914 to help veterans and their families. Promoting patriotism and helping veterans in need are just two of the many ways that the auxiliary serves. The Ladies Auxiliary also has its own volunteer programs directed at VA, state and community hospitals.

For as long as men have been going into battle, women have been nursing sick and wounded warriors back to health. Today, the Ladies Auxiliary is involved in a kaleidoscopic range of activities. While continuing to support the VFW and its causes, the Ladies Auxiliary has developed a social conscience of its own. With the paramount goal of helping families in distress, its members perform community service, fund cancer research, fight drug abuse and illiteracy, advocate for the rights of the elderly and support the VFW National Home, Special Olympics, and other worthy causes. The Ladies Auxiliary will celebrate 100 years and the Department of Texas celebrates 86 years.

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