One month ago, Billy Brough retired from the U.S. Army after serving his entire adult life.

Now, he is using his G.I. Bill to study aeronautical science online, but the transition from a soldier to a civilian is challenging him in unexpected ways.

“It’s a whole new world and I have to learn how to deal with the stress of resumes and job interviews,” Brough said.

Enter Barbara “BB” Crawford and the first in her series of free monthly classes on life skills, “Move into Action in Your Life,” at Heritage Park Fitness in Harker Heights.

Helping people deal with life situations is Crawford’s passion and specialty. She has more than 30 years experience motivating and helping people as an anxiety/trauma reduction trainer, and she also gives training sessions to military personnel and their families at no charge.

Crawford explained to the small, but interested group, that as children we are conditioned by parents not to feel out loud, so we push our feelings away.

“We start packing our emotional suitcase early and never empty it,” said BB Crawford, creator of Emotional Self Sufficiency Training.

The one-hour class focused on exercises and steps to help create a life not run by external events but from knowing the three reasons for our feelings, questioning our thoughts and the difference between a true and untrue thought.

Crawford used a previous car accident as an example when her husband, Larry, blamed himself for causing it. She told him not to anchor the anger as a truth, or he would carry it throughout his life and keep him from being in the present.

“Thoughts fuel feelings, feelings create actions and actions create your life,” she said.

After the class, Brough had a better understanding of his situation and how to handle it.

“I learned that I can’t control my past events, but only how I think and feel about them, and the experiences to come,” he said.

For more information on the classes, call 949-933-0915 or email

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