The Harker Heights Lions Club nominated Janice Faye Tooke for Second President-District Governor of District 2 X-3 at the monthly meeting Jan. 23.

“Janice is a true example of what Lionism is all about. Because of her, I want to be more active in the community and the club,” Andrea Womack, first vice president said, adding that District 2 X-3 includes clubs in Corsicana, Harker Heights, Hillsboro, Killeen, Mexia and Waco.

Tooke’s name will be placed on the ballot for the office at the Lions Club district convention April 13 in Hillsboro.

A retired teacher and Heights resident, Tooke has won numerous district, national and international awards during her 25 years of service with the Lions Club. Some of those awards include Lion of the Year, the President’s Award for Outstanding Leadership and the Lions Club International Governor’s Award. She served two terms as club president and is a Texas Lions Club Lifetime Member and 23-year Century Club Member.

“She held every office, with the exception of secretary, as a longtime member of the Killeen Evening Lions Club,” said Susan Goodwill, Heights president. “After learning that Harker Heights was starting a club, she decided to move her membership to help us get going.”

The Lions Club is a Tooke family affair. Janice Tooke’s husband, Gary, is also a member and recently contributed his time to the club by making vests for new members.

The bright yellow vest with the big Lions Club logo on back and a smaller one on front is the standard Lions Club International trademark. Gary Tooke, retired from the military, is currently hand sewing two vests and has two more to complete.

“I learned to sew while I was in the Army,” he said. “I already knew how to before I enlisted. The military just finished it off.”

The next meeting of the Lions Club will be at noon Feb. 13 at IHOP, 170 E. Central Texas Expressway, Harker Heights.

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