Local artisans showcased their creations at the first Senior Christmas Bazaar on Nov. 30 at the Harker Heights Activities Center.

Hosted by Parks & Recreation Department, the event featured more than a dozen vendors who displayed their artwork, jewelry and other handmade items for sale.

The craft fair idea came from a suggestion at another senior event, the garage sale held this summer, said Heather Buller, activities coordinator.

“If it goes well today, we’d like to have the event next year and maybe every year,” Buller said.

The inaugural event was free to the public and vendors. It was a great opportunity for shoppers to find specialty made items and meet the people who made them.

In one corner stood the original wildlife watercolor paintings of Joe Friddle, who also teaches watercolor painting at the center. He said the senior craft fair was a long overdue.

“It’s a great idea because the city of Harker Heights has no art show, so we need to showcase the artists in the community,” Friddle said.

Shoppers strolled from table to table commenting on the variety and quality of the handy works.

Peggy Baril bought a string of bells for her Christmas tree.

“It’s a cute craft show, and since I’m a member of the senior center, I want to support my friends,” she said.

Wooden pens and pencils, many made from shell casings, lined rows along side pill boxes and corkscrews.

All made by master woodworker Bill Henke with wife, Barbara Henke, also sold her Christmas ornaments.

“I think this bazaar is a good thing for the community and the city,” said Barbara Henke.

Native American jewelry maker Amanda Begay displayed her earrings, pendants and rings made in the Navajo style.

“This bazaar opens up more small businesses, like mine, to let people know where they can buy unique items,” Begay said.

Shopper Cookie Beno was visiting, so she couldn’t carry a lot with her when she returns home.

“The jewelry is very pretty and I can wear whatever I buy,” Beno said.

Turning reusable items into artwork keeps Maria Carroll’s creative juices flowing. Among the items were painted wine glasses turned them upside down for a votive candle to sit on the base.

“There’s a lot of talented senior citizens here and we need to support them with a show like this,” Carroll said.

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