Even though Rob Robinson is mayor pro tem on the Harker Heights City Council, he’s not big on titles. His preference is to be simply known as “Joe Citizen.”

“I have no hidden agendas and there are no smoke and mirrors when it comes to my representing the people of Harker Heights,” he said.

His involvement in local politics began with regular attendance at Planning and Zoning Commission meetings in the early 1990s, Robinson said. He merely wanted to observe government.

Robinson, 71, took notes, and told several people meeting results.

He carried over the same practice at council meetings, and after 14 years, decided to run for a seat.

He said he has served on the council for six years, emphasizing that he’s mayor pro tem only because the position rotates after each election.

Robinson served as an infantry officer in the Army for 20 years and retired in 1984. He served in Germany and spent two years in Vietnam.

The 26-year resident of Harker Heights is married to Betty, who is now retired but worked for Killeen ISD as a teacher, campus administrator, principal and special education director.

Robinson graduated from Eastern Salt Lake High in Utah. He and Betty met at the University of Utah in 1964.

They are parents of a son who directs a company in Virginia and a daughter who lives at home. They have four grandchildren.

Robinson is retired but stays involved in his church and city. He serves as the city representative on the Bell County Health District.

“I choose to be busy doing activities that make a difference,” he said.

When he’s not performing city-related duties, he studies railroad history, especially that of Utah and Colorado.

As a hobby, he maps the early days of rail travel in that part of the country. He manages an inherited family farm in Missouri where he and his brothers meet about four times a year.

He also travels yearly to Colorado to meet old Army friends.

Robinson said the city staff harmoniously work to set Heights apart from other places.

“I mean it in every way and realize it is why Heights is a quality place to live,” he said.

Concerning Harker Heights growth, Robinson said, “We are laying the groundwork for future development.

“Sam’s (Club) coming to Heights is a good example,” he said. “They sought us out and did the research. We provided help when they asked for it, but they made the final decision.”

Robinson said city officials want Harker Heights to be a great place for all residents, and want people to live here because they want to and not because they have to.

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