Cars line up in the drive through at McDonalds on Indian Trail Road Wednesday in Harker Heights. The restaurant was recently renovated and given new touch screen, self serving kiosks as well as a redone interior dining area.

Sergio Flores|Herald

After some landscaping and final details, the McDonald’s located at 630 Indian Trail in Harker Heights will be the first in Central Texas to undergo the “Experience of the Future,” initiative.

The new renovations include modernizing lobby décor and increasing seating, removal of the outdated playland, self-order kiosks and table service.

The kitchen has been redesigned with new equipment to enhance efficiency, and digital drive-thru menu boards (digital indoor menu boards already in use), and lastly, new landscaping.

“Experience of the Future,” is a new initiative that offers diners a more modern dining experience such as the self-order kiosks and table service which will allow employees to deliver food directly to customers’ tables.

It is unknown how much the renovations cost the franchise owners, Jimmy and Cindi Ferguson, but according to the Wall Street Journal, the McDonald’s company is trying to get franchisees on board by agreeing to pay for a portion of the renovations which are expected to cost franchise owners anywhere from $150,000 to $700,000 per restaurant.

Eventually all the locations owned by the Fergusons will be renovated, and hope to bring more jobs to the locations. The Indian Trail location currently employs 55-65 people.

A grand re-opening celebration will be held on Oct. 14 with a visit from Ronald McDonald. A Ronald show is scheduled for 1 p.m., and a selection of daily specials on menu items, goodie bags for the kids, remote radio station and face painting.

“The Fergusons are proud owner-operators,” said company spokeswoman Denise Mrrison. “The Harker Heights location is the first in Central Texas to receive the ‘Experience of the Future’ enhancement.”

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Exactly how is it suppose to create more jobs when one of the things being added is a self order kiosk? This means they don't need a body taking your order.

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