They’re not enforcers in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie sense, but they are definitely enforcers for the city of Harker Heights.

Code Enforcement officers Calvin Fleming and Eric Moree spend day in and day out patrolling the streets in search of dwellings that have become eyesores in neighborhoods and other areas within the city limits.

The job of a code enforcement officer is to search out violations of the city code when it comes to high grass and weeds, outside storage, junk vehicles and anything else that prohibits Harker Heights from looking its best and being a beautiful city.

Fleming, who’s been a code enforcer for 15 years, explains that while they are on patrol and notice a violation, paperwork is filled out at the scene describing the violation. That information is taken back to the office and the residence located. A letter is then mailed to that address stating that the resident has 10 days to meet the standards as worded in the ordinance.

“We are the first step in reaching compliance,” Fleming said. “Our goal is that the resident take care of the issue, so we don’t have to visit them for the second time or be forced to send the complaint through the legal system.”

Moree, who has been on the job five months, added that they also take seriously anything that would be a health violation, such as tires that have collected mosquito breeding water in front yards.

“These guys have the most thankless job on the entire staff, but the work they perform raises the quality of life in ways that are immeasurable,” City Manager David Mitchell said.

Apparently, a few people in town agree with Mitchell. In April, Mitchell reported receiving the letters praising the work of Fleming and Moree. “Without their efforts, our city would not look as attractive to people wanting to buy a home or have a business to locate here,” the writer said. “They make a difference.”

Moree also received thanks for “sticking up” for homeowners when dealing with out-of-town roofing contractors.

“I also received an email from a citizen thanking me for giving him a 10-day window of time to solve cleanup issues at his residence,” he said.

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Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

Please crack down on those that do not take care of their lawns...lack of mowing or not sweeping up the grass clippings at the curb.

Maybe the city could include in the Spring newsletter an article about maintaining the lawns and clean up.

Also...residents that allow their cats to roam freely through the neighborhoods.
I don't appreciate cat spray and poop in my yard. Cat owners wouldn't like my dog pooping in their yard and me leaving it!
Plus I don't like cats sitting on my furniture...some of us are allergic.

I encourage birds to come to my yard and I don't need your cat "killers" to trespass and attack them.

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