Steve Courtemanche, left, makes a donation to help Franklin Whaples with medical expenses as Bridget Golden holds the money basket at a fundraiser on May 12 at the Moose Lodge 2179 in Harker Heights.

Amy Proctor | Herald

While Franklin Whaples, of Harker Heights, was making a delivery in the 4800 block of Warrior’s Path for a local sandwich shop in late April, he was traveling up an incline in the northbound lane when he saw another vehicle on a collision course with his.

“All I remember was seeing the vehicle heading in my direction, losing control of my car and closing my eyes for impact. About 15 minutes later, I woke up in the back of an EMS Unit,” Whaples said.

He was rushed to the Scott and White ER in Temple, where doctors determined he had a serious head injury, along with several cuts and abrasions.

A fundraiser sponsored by Moose Lodge 2179 was held for Whaples and his parents, Thomas and Deborah Boyd, on May 12 featuring a 45-minute performance by seven local members of the Texas Belly Dancers Association.

All the money donated by the crowd that numbered about 40 would be given directly to Whaples to help defray some of the cost of his medical bills. The belly dancers also committed to share all of their tips made that night to Whaples.

Mike McClafferty, administrator of the lodge, told the Herald that Whaples’ parents are both members of Moose Lodge 2179.

McClafferty said, “Our mission is one of helping people, especially children. These folks are part of the lodge family and we take care of our own.”

Both of Whaples’ parents said they were shocked that they would receive any help but thanked the leadership of the lodge and belly dancers for sponsoring the fundraiser.

“The accident didn’t happen that long ago and here people are already getting together to help us,” said Boyd.

Whaples said, “This a family organization that helps people in need. I am so thankful for all they’ve done. Some of them were there from the beginning and surrounded my parents with the support they needed.

“The folks from the lodge were there to help keep my parents informed about my situation and did everything they could. I don’t know what we would have done without them!”

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