Harker Heights has seen a spike in the reported amount of criminal mischief cases throughout the city, according to the police department. This week, police received six complaints from residents who were victims of property damage.

“They range from personal property being damaged around the home to vehicles being egged, which we do see a lot of over the weekend,” Sgt. Roosevelt Wilson Jr. said.

“And we usually attribute it to kids riding around.”

Wilson said three of the recent incidents were reported in a single night in the Skipcha Elementary area, and authorities have yet to find those responsible for the crimes.

“Due to the nature of crime that doesn’t make much noise, and that it usually happens in the late hours after midnight, most residents are asleep and they don’t see it until they get up and see their vehicles,” he said, adding that residents should keep their porch or driveway lights on in the evening hours and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in their areas.

Thefts and burglaries were also the trending crimes reported to police this week, Wilson said. Several local businesses fell victim to shoplifters, but security officers were able intercept the suspects and turn them over to police. Megan Sanchez and Brenda Clark were arrested and charged with theft and shoplifting after authorities found the stolen items in their possession.

“It’s always going to be a problem in any place that has retail businesses and picks up during the holiday season and slows down in what we call the off-season after Jan. 31, but we are still going to have it,” Wilson said.

Police are also looking for the suspects responsible for burglarizing three homes throughout the city this past week.

“Make sure your home is secure by any means necessary,” Wilson said.

Anyone with information about these crimes can call the police department at (254) 953-5400.

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