Nolanville sidewalks

With a small sidewalk already in front of Nolanville’s City Hall, officials plan to extend the walkway along Main Street all the way to Avenue I in late spring.

NOLANVILLE — Residents can be seen walking on Main Street’s shoulder on their way to the post office or the food pantry, but that will change in late spring.

The city will construct a sidewalk from Avenue H to Avenue I, using funds from the $917,200 Avenue H road improvement project.

“We’re just trying to improve mobility and provide more access,” City Manager Stephen Pearl said. “Just get people out of their house walking and make our downtown area nicer and more inviting.”

The 200-foot pedestrian walkway will begin at City Hall and stretch to the Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No. 3 building at the intersection of Avenue I and Main Street. The post office, food pantry and police department are located along the sidewalk.

“(The city’s) been growing and developing pretty rapidly in the last 10 years,” Pearl said. “And we’re trying to catch up and do what we can with our city’s infrastructure.”

Residents Shelia McCarthy and Will Widep said they’re glad the project is happening and they will use the sidewalk regularly

“I have been complaining about that for the past 10 years,” said McCarthy, referring to the lack of sidewalks. “And even though I’ve been walking up the street for the past 10 years, I still complain about it every day.”

The area between Avenue H and Avenue I has heavy foot traffic. McCarthy said she’s witnessed a couple of close calls between pedestrians and drivers,

Currently, most of the sidewalks in Nolanville are concentrated around schools.

“(The new sidewalk) is good, it’ll keep people out of the street,” Widep said. “When you walk in the street, it’s always dangerous. And you don’t know what to expect from drivers around here anymore. It’ll be a lot safer...”

Pearl said the city has gotten several requests from residents about expanding sidewalk construction in Nolanville, but further expansion is dependent on available funds.

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