Pomeranian Cinnamon was recently reunited with her family after going missing in May.

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Little Cinnamon wandered around a subdivision in Belton for several days before Marguerite Hicks and her family took the dog into their home. The small Pomeranian was definitely not from the area, Hicks said, and a storm was about to roll through.

“We figured she could spend the night, and then we could figure out who she belonged to,” said Hicks, explaining the dog had been roaming around the neighborhood since early May.

Hicks and her family went around and knocked on doors to try to find the owner the next day. She even put an ad on Craigslist and visited the local animal shelter to see if the dog was microchipped.

“My husband and I know Pomeranians are very valuable and popular, so I didn’t want to put a picture up and describe her,” Hicks said, referring to their found-dog advertisement on Craigslist.

After finding the name and address of Cinnamon’s owner in Nolanville from the dog’s microchip, she still received several false responses from people claiming to have lost the dog.

“Someone came and knocked on our door yesterday saying the dog was hers. After we said she was chipped, she changed her story,” Hicks said.

Hicks experienced firsthand how untruthful some dog-lusters could be when her own dog, Trapper, disappeared for a year when she lived in Arizona, she said.

“He was missing for a year when I was talking to someone at a function, and he kept talking about things this dog would do, and I thought ‘my dog used to do things like that,’” she said.

It turns out, the dog in question was her missing dog, Trapper. The man she was speaking to kept trying to find the owner after he found the dog, nearly 100 miles away from her Arizona home.

“That was back when they didn’t chip,” she said.

After hearing the news, Elis McBride said she was impressed and thankful.

“Excited is an understatement,” said McBride, Cinnamon’s owner, when talking about how thankful she was her dog had been found. “I was really impressed with how thorough she was, making sure I was the owner. ... We just feel so blessed.”

Cinnamon was reunited with her family Thursday.

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