Bob Pena, longtime public works director of Nolanville, accepts an Employee of the Quarter award from Mayor Christina Rosenthal on July 2. Pena will retire in August.

NOLANVILLE — Bob Pena will be 66 when he finally retires in the fall.

The city’s Public Works director for seven years, Pena was awarded Employee of the Quarter by Nolanville City Council members at the July 2 meeting.

Joking with residents at the meeting, Mayor Christina Rosenthal said that although Pena wants to retire, she isn’t so sure they are going to let him go.

“I had a citizen come up to me about a week ago and tell me, ‘Bob’s really good at writing ordinance violations and catching all these dogs and cats. He needs to be on the police department, writing tickets and catching bad guys. That’s how good he is,’” she said, explaining what a good and thorough job Pena does for the city.

Pena said he has retired from several jobs before and is ready for a slower pace of life. But he’s sure he’ll miss being involved with the city for a little while, especially since he’s lived in Nolanville since 1981.

Previously, Pena served in the military as a foreign affairs officer and a field operator for a manufactured home company.

His retirement plans include working on his motorcycles, taking his six-wheel camper out for trips and probably checking off a lot of “honey dos” from his wife, he said.

“That’s when your other half basically keeps you busy with her list of things she wants you to do,” he said.

Nevertheless, once gone, he said he won’t be second guessing his replacement.

“I’ve made my run, let someone else get at it,” he said.

Pena is set to retire in August.

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