NOLANVILLE — The Police Department reports a drop in the amount of illegal drugs found in the city.

Fourteen drug cases were handled in 2012, with none reported so far this year. The last reported drug bust was in November, Police Chief Gary Kent said.

“We don’t have a problem like some of the bigger cities have,” he said. “But one person selling one joint or a bottle of prescription drugs is one too many.”

Kent said many drug-related cases are not just within the community but also involve motorists passing through town who are stopped for traffic violations. In fact, at least half of the recent drug cases involved motorists. Police also reported finding drugs in convenience stores and wooded areas.

Marijuana was most frequently confiscated, followed by prescription drugs and methamphetamines. Although the police department has not worked any drug cases in the last four months, Kent said the problem still exists.

James Stapler, a Bell County criminal defense attorney, agreed, saying possession of drugs such as marijuana and methamphetamine is rampant in the area.

“Because Nolanville is just outside of Harker Heights and Belton, and people are traveling through there all the time, I wouldn’t exempt it from having a drug problem,” he said.

Kent said his department is investigating a possible drug selling operation in Nolanville. Although he declined to discuss details, he asked for the community’s help to bring the suspected individuals to justice.

“The helpful way is by citizens or by word of mouth,” he said.

Anyone with information can call (254) 698-6346.

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Mayhaps the police aren't looking in the right places or even looking.

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