In his 26 years with the Army, Jacob Ballard lived around the world: Germany, Hawaii, American Samoa, Fort Bragg and Fort Hood.

Now, Ballard, 57, the pastor of Household of Faith, calls Harker Heights home.

Ballard has a great interest in people and reaches out beyond his own congregation at Household of Faith, talking to people from all walks of life. Friends from everywhere seek his counsel, he said.

Ballard was born in Camden, S.C. He attended church as a child, but in later years felt the church kept him from having fun. His father left home when Ballard was 8 years old, and his mother encouraged him to follow God.

When he was 17, a church bishop in South Carolina became a mentor and father figure to him.

He also took a liking to a young lady there. But she said if he wanted to date her, he must first follow Christ.

That’s exactly what he did, and the couple married in 1978.

Ballard’s carpentry talent is evident in the renovated and furnished House of Faith building.

“I enjoy being a handyman,” he said. “I do plumbing and repair.”

Ballard said he learned how to set up a church while working in chapels in the Army. Ballard also loves to cook and serve good food.

But he especially relishes serving the word of God to his congregation. He said he wants to reach as many folks as possible with the truth, not man’s customs and tradition.

Ballard wants to help restore honor to God and his word by teaching that God loves and wants to forgive. He also has a strong teaching ministry and instructs his congregation on living daily for God. Ballard said his positive faith and attitude keep him from depression and sadness, as he lives by the words written on the front of the church, “The Word is my life, and my life is the Word.”

Household of Faith, at 329 Indian Trail, Harker Heights, meets on Saturday mornings.

Herald/Sandra Duffy Oliver​

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