Assistant City Manger Patricia Brunson, 51, has been here long enough to see it all.

In her 29 years working for the City of Harker Heights she has worked with 20 different council members, seven different mayors and three city managers in three different city hall buildings.

“The city was vastly different in 1984, we only had a population of about 8,000 people,” she said, adding that the population now is more than 28,000. “We have grown a lot in so many ways.”

Brunson was born on Fort Hood and raised in a military family, so the area had a boomerang effect, bringing her back in 1977.

“Fort Hood brought us here originally and my father’s career kept bringing us back,” she said, “He retired when I was getting out of high school and that’s when I took my first job with the city.”

She started her career in banking but an interest in service and a curiosity for how cities work and operate helped her make the transition.

During her time with the city, Brunson has held various positions, from administration support for various city departments to the assistant city manager where she oversees the information technology, human resources and administrative departments.

“Back then, the city was so small that even when you moved to a different department you still wore many hats and had many responsibilities, but you gained knowledge in each of the areas and that helped propel your forward,” she said.

Constantly learning new things has kept Brunson working for the city. The city’s focus on quality of life programs and services keeps her roots planted here.

“There is always something to learn in a city and that learning process never stops,” she said. “We have a great team approach here and a lot of us have worked together for many years. It takes everyone working together to be successful and we all strive to always do what’s right everyday.”

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