The Harker Heights Library held a Recycled Art class on Saturday, which featured using old book pages; geared for teenagers and adults, the class did not rely on artistic ability, though there were a couple with some real talent; it relied simply on a desire to create something new from something destined to be destroyed.

The class was library clerk Rose Ramon’s idea. She said she ran across the book page project on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try herself.

She began with the library’s A-LIST club, a group of special needs teens and adults who meet on the first Monday of every month. Ramon said they loved the project, and they got some great results.

“They are very creative, and they really enjoyed it,” she said. “I decided to do (a class) for the summer, and here we are.”

The pages used in Saturday’s class were from the book “Horatio Hornblower,” by C.S. Forester. Ramon said, “There was no way to save the binding, so we pulled out all of the pages ... since it couldn’t be saved, we’re upgrading it into art.”

Ramon had templates with designs on them that could be traced onto the book pages, which a few chose to use. A couple of people were surer of themselves and chose to draw freehand onto their pages.

Nicole Waterman of Harker Heights drew freehand on several book pages. She kept to a nature theme, one she said she tends to stick with as an artist in her own right. “I do watercolor, acrylic, charcoal ... anything I can get my hands on,” she said.

Emme Park of Harker Heights chose to stay with the nautical theme of the book, and used the template to draw a giant squid on one of the pages.

She drew a freehand mermaid on her other page. Her friend Mahagany Adair, also of Harker Heights, drew a mermaid, too, but for her second page she chose to use a flower template.

Tyran McCall of Harker Heights used floral templates and focused solely on coloring and beautiful shading on several pages of the book.

Coloring has the proven benefit of reducing stress and anxiety; Ramon reminded everyone that the library has coloring sheets and materials at the reference desk, and there are coloring books in the adult section.

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