The guest speaker at the Nov. 17 meeting of the Harker Heights Rotary Club was Samantha Mejia, a corporate health consultant at Seton Medical Center in Harker Heights.

Mejia’s presentation was about Wellness Works, which she said has four components: wellness, occupational health services, workplace safety and a service coordination number that takes all of the other three components and centralizes them.

“The traditional approach is to keep risk management, human resources and employee benefits separate. Wellness Works brings all three together and in the long run will save money and provide a better quality of service,” Mejia said.

The wellness and injury prevention becomes one through the occupational health clinic with preventative services performed on-site.

The main focus is to integrate employers with the local medical community.

Mejia said, “We work hand in hand to assist employers with all the health needs of the employee. We will not only help with your occupational health but if you have an employee who comes in sick and doesn’t have a primary care doctor, just call us and we will help locate a doctor for them.”

Wellness Works will also come to businesses and educate employees about preventative and wellness benefits.

“We take a look at the employee insurance that you offer and provide information about free resources available in the community. There are about 80 topics that we’re prepared to share about, depending on your needs,” Mejia said.

“We also are dedicated to helping employers expedite care and get their employees back to work,” Mejia said. “We know that if they aren’t at work they’re not being productive and it’s costing you money.”

There are many benefits with Wellness Works, Mejia said. A company does not sign a contract but there are ongoing services available throughout the year, on a monthly or quarterly basis.

“A health or safety newsletter or both will be provided just to remind you that we’re here and will meet any needs that arise.

We also reduce sick and lost days through our clinic. Our doctors focus on getting the employee an appointment, providing treatment and getting them back to work,” Mejia said.

For more information about Wellness Works, contact Mejia at 254-618-4319.

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