The Harker Heights Rotary Club is involved in numerous ongoing projects and fundraisers throughout the community, but it has added another to the list.

The club announced at its weekly meeting on Jan. 24 that the major fundraiser for the year will be Texas Heritage Day, set for April 20 at the Killeen Special Events Center and Rodeo Grounds. The Bell County Expo Center also will be one of the venues for the activities.

“We thought about dressing up for you today in cowboy boots and Texas gear but changed our mind because it was just too early,” President-elect Jennifer McCann said.

Every committee within the club is involved in ways that connect directly to the planning of Texas Heritage Day. In fact, McCann has developed an “I just want to help” committee for those who haven’t been given a specific task but want to do their part.

“There is plenty to do,” McCann said. “There are a great deal of decisions to be made, such as plans for entertainment, food, marketing, corporate sponsorships, finances and so many more.”

Bobby Whitson, past Rotary president, said work began over a year ago to combine Texas Heritage Day and the Army Marathon.

“Many of our members have moved forward and are talking with vendors, businesses and other organizations to sign on the dotted line, so to speak.”

The Army Marathon was organized by a small group of veterans who got together to develop a fundraiser that would provide assistance in Killeen but also include the national perspective, as well. More than 3,000 are expected to participate in the marathon, which is set for April 21.

The Harker Heights Rotary Club meets at 7 a.m. every Thursday at the St. Paul Chong Hasang Parish Center, 1000 E. Farm-to-Market 2410, Harker Heights. For more information, call (254) 289-3446.

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