At the weekly Rotary Club meeting Oct. 17, members heard from an expert within their own ranks about possible difficult days ahead for Texas when it comes to the need for electricity plus alternative power resources.

Rotarian “Scot” Arey, owner of Solar CenTex, told the group that Texas has its own power grid.

“This means we are dependent on ourselves to fix our own power problems,” he said.

Research provided by Arey indicated the three ways Texan’s ways continue to have electric power at their fingertips.

First, the Public Utility Commission of Texas is a state agency that regulates the state’s electric and telecommunications utilities, implements respective legislation and offers customer assistance in resolving consumer complaints.

Second is the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. It’s managed by the PUCT and oversees the electric grid that receives electricity from power generators and distributes it to homes and businesses using electrical utilities.

Third is ONCOR, the company that runs lines and poles and repairs them when major storms and other causes wreak havoc on the flow of power.

Due to the fact that the rate of growth in Texas has been so rapid and momentous, there may be difficult days ahead, especially in the area of reserve power, Arey said.

The cost of solar power just four years ago was $25,000. It’s changed significantly, however, because manufacturing efficiency has vastly improved and China has entered the solar power production market.

“The system I installed in my home in 2010 cost $9,000 and there’s a 25-year performance warranty in solar power systems because there are no moving parts,” Arey said, noting that Central Texas and Fort Hood could become a major growth area for new and renewable energy in the future.

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