Jolly Old St. Nicholas will again be traveling throughout the city of Harker Heights on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, escorted by the Harker Heights Fire Department.

Santa Claus will be scoping out the area.

“You’ll see him on three routes. It’s kind of an optical illusion for the all the children. Santa can be in more than one place at a time. It’s amazing how he does that,” said HHFD Deputy Chief Glenn Gallenstein.

The event begins about 6 p.m. and will gradually make its way through the designated neighborhoods. Times will vary from street to street.

Due to Santa’s busy schedule on Christmas Eve and the growing commitment that the HHFD has to providing emergency services to the citizens of Harker Heights, he’ll be unable to drive down every street in town.

HHFD will try to hit the major streets in an effort to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to briefly see Santa.

“Santa has agreed to several stops in town. Those stops will include Harker Heights Elementary School, H-E-B Food Store, Harker Heights High School and Union Grove Middle School,” Gallenstein said.

Photo ops will be available at the stops with Santa, the fire truck and firefighter/paramedics.

New additions and subdivisions have been added due to the city’s growth. Fire department officials are saying that they’ll be trying to add those new areas to the routes.

Twenty-five years ago, Santa was escorted down every street.

Gallenstein told the Herald that if engines and medical units have to be called into service because of medical or fire calls, they would leave the route.

“We can’t take all of our trucks out of service. There will be trail vehicles that Santa will climb into after swiftly exiting off the HHFD vehicle then taken to a different location.

“The trucks on the route are in service and available for emergency calls. Santa does understand that our primary responsibility is to take care of our residents.”

Follow the HHFD on Facebook for the latest updates and the map of Santa’s route or call 254-699-2688.

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