Senior citizens met at the Harker Heights Recreation Center, Sept 19., to discuss an issue close to their hearts during the monthly Trade Secrets event.

The event began with Joyce Mayer, senior recreation program director, standing ready-to-write at a dry-erase board at the front of the meeting room while the 30-plus participants began to comment and ask questions about heart care.

The expert of the day was Dr. Richard Cashion of Austin Heart Clinic.

“Experts are known as ‘secret keepers,’” Mayer said. “They can choose specific topics to talk about from the list or they can discuss every topic on the board.”

Some discussion examples expressed by the group included exercise, sleep, eating habits, importance of taking medications as prescribed, asking doctors the right questions and avoiding stress.

Cashion related several stories to ancestors who lived long ago on farms and ranches and how eating habits have drastically changed.

“How about their cows? What did they eat?” Cashion said. “They ate grass-feed beef. Texas A&M is doing a great study on grass-fed beef and has found that it has the same make up as fish.”

Cashion said that our Texas ancestors didn’t lock those Longhorn cows away in a feed store and force feed them corn to fatten them up.

Moderation was the key word used repeatedly during the discussion with Cashion.

Cashion said a recent Fox News story reported that there are four white powders that everyone should avoid: salt, sugar, white flour and cocaine.

“The common bond among these is that they are all highly addictive,” Cashion said. “There are so many things that will help keep you healthy. It’s when you overindulge that puts you at risk for diabetes, heart attacks and other serious diseases.”

The next Trade Secrets meeting is at 11:30 a.m. Oct. 17 at the Harker Heights Recreation Center, 307 Miller’s Crossing. The topic will be: “Someone in your family has just died. Do you know what to do next?”

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