A roasting pig made of papier-mache straddled an imitation open flame as guests danced past it at the Hawaiian Luau hosted by Belton Senior Activities Center on June 20.

Some guests took group photos around the roasting pig, while others danced to tunes performed by Shorty Grisham and Friends Band.

“My band is made up of friends and they may not be the same people each time,” Grisham said.

Jennifer Cloud and Peggy Holcomb of Arbor House, a Temple senior living facility that specializes in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, presented door prizes donated by sponsors.

Martie Crocker of Moffatt and Frank Spera of Temple provided the decorations.

“I’ve always liked visiting Hawaii,” Spera said, noting he and Crocker have both traveled to Hawaii.

“We’ve done the decorating for the last two years and add a little more each time,” Crocker said.

Dressed as a Hawaiian chief, Spera wore a wreath on his head, carried a torch draped with colorful flowers, a grass skirt, a tank top and shell necklace.

The annual luau was coordinated by Belton Senior Activities Director Patsy Cofer.

“Admission was $4 and we ask those invited to bring their favorite light snacks to share during intermission,” she said.

The Belton Senior Activity Center is at 842 South Mitchell in Belton. For more information, call (254) 939-1170 or go to www.beltonseniorcenter.org.

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