Seton Medical Center Harker Heights

From left, Pam Craig, chief nursing officer at Seton Medical Center Harker Heights, Belinda Richardson, senior human resources generalist and Mona Tucker, director of human resources, talk about nurse recruitment.

For Pam Craig, director of nursing at Seton Medical Center Harker Heights, bringing quality and excellence to the hospital is not enough for her and her staff. She also wants to give exceptional care.

As president of the Texas Organization of Nurse Executives, Craig also leads nurse executives, faculty members, educators and advance nurse practitioners around the state.

“TONE is more than just nurse executives only,” Craig said. “There is a lot of information on research and cutting trends and nursing leadership specifically that needs to be communicated. That’s essentially what TONE has meant to me.”

Craig, who has worked in nursing for 25 years, was elected president of TONE in September. Before that, she was president-elect for two years. Following her two-year term as president, she will serve as past-president for another two years. “So it is really a six-year commitment,” she said.

Craig joined the Seton team in 2011 while the hospital was under construction. She built the hospital’s nursing staff by looking for three primary characteristics: critical thinking skills, clinically sound practice and good communication, she said.

“We want to treat our patients with care, as we literally have their lives in our hands,” Craig said. “We take that trust seriously. We want to be eyes and ears of the doctor and also be an advocate for the patients.”

In new employee orientation, Craig stresses the importance of treating patients with kindness, compassion, dignity and respect.

Along with helping the hospital open and making her six-year commitment to TONE, Craig is working on her master’s degree from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing.

“Any one of those three things would have been a life-time accomplishment and she is doing all three,” said Melissa Purl, Seton’s director of marketing. “She is amazing and we are lucky to have her.”

Craig said her driving passion is for God to use her to make a difference. “This is my first faith-based employer, and faith is a part of our essence and fiber,” she said. “Giving the love of God is wonderful.”

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