In fifth grade, DeAundre Lewis always hummed or sang a tune. His friends told him to join choir, and in seventh grade, he finally did.

Now a senior at Harker Heights High School, Lewis is looking forward to singing in the school’s annual Knight Club concert.

About 625 students auditioned for a spot in the two-day show, which premieres Feb. 7. Only about 60 students made it.

Leading up to auditions, Lewis practiced every day. He said being a part of choir is the best part of his high school experience and he’s glad his hard work paid off.

“I was happy because this was the first year that the songs I auditioned on got picked,” said Lewis, who will sing lead on “Brick House” by The Commodores and “Shining Star” by Earth, Wind & Fire during the show. “Singing is kind of my way to escape because it’s peaceful. I feel at home when I’m singing. Any chance I get to sing, I go for it.”

The musical show, which has 38 acts, will feature live bands from across the state as well as a professional light show.

“That’s the best part,” Lewis said. “I love that about Knight Club. You’re not signing to a click track or a recording so when you hear the band actually playing, it’s like, ‘This is actually happening. This is pretty cool.’”

Tommy Haygood, the high school’s choir director, said the show not only gives students an opportunity to sing and dance in a professional setting, but also lets them pick the country, pop, R&B and rock tunes they want to perform.

“There’s lighting and foggers and hazers. You really feel like you’re at a real rock concert,” he said. “We actually have kids who have come out of this experience and are pursuing a singing career.”

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