NOLANVILLE — Colleen Smith, president of Nolanville’s Economic Development Corporation Board, does not want the Killeen sprawl or Salado-like kitschiness. Instead, she’s in favor of a purely Nolanville-unique kind of growth, with family restaurants and businesses that interact with the community.

“I was thinking about this when I heard Kay’s Motorcycle Mania was looking to sell,” Smith said. “The first thing that came to my mind was the Shell station where a runner’s group and bikers meet to start rides and runs, and it’d be a great place to have a run/bike shop there. But that’s what I mean by keeping it unique.”

Smith, 49, has been an environmental hazards and safety/quality manager for DynCorp International for more than 23 years. DynCorp International is a private American military contractor that specializes in aviation. Smith ensures that aircraft maintenance is performed to Army and customer standards.

A manager for the past eight years, Smith began working for DynCorp after she served in the U.S. Army for eight years. She worked as an Apache and Cobra helicopter mechanic and as a crew chief. After leaving the Army, she moved to Killeen.

“I lived in Killeen, lived in Harker Heights, and I didn’t like the rat race. (My family) found a house that they were just building and that’s what we were looking for,” she said.

Smith has been in Nolanville for seven years, and joined the EDC after Stephen Pearl, city manager, brought it to her attention, thinking she might be interested. Smith had voiced her interest in running for the City Council earlier that year, but decided against it because of her work schedule.

Endorsed by Councilman Dennis Briggs, Smith said she was “volun-told” to the EDC’s presidential position. No one was volunteering, she said, and then Briggs told her that she would be good at it. EDC members unanimously appointed her.

The EDC is currently working on a community event that will be paired with Earth Day and Keep Texas Beautiful day in the spring. | 254-501-7559

Contact Courtney Griffin at or 254-501-7559

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