Harker Heights residents Ken and Tammy Halloway have been piling their belongings in a storage unit for about three years.

“We spent 16 years in Germany, so we got a lot of stuff,” said Ken Halloway, a retired Army veteran.

For quite some time, the couple planned to sell their stuff, but never got around to it. They finally had the opportunity Saturday at Prospector Storage’s first multi-unit garage sale and block party.

“We’ve wanted to have a garage sale, but it’s just a lot of heavy stuff that we have to bring to our house, and if it doesn’t sell then we have to pack it up and bring it back,” Tammy Halloway said. “They didn’t charge us anything since we already pay for the storage, so it’s really a nice service to the tenants here.”

Ken Halloway said the event made it easier to have the storage unit cleaned up and organized by the end of the month.

“I think they should have it every quarter, because it’s a success,” he said. “I think you get a lot of higher dollar value items here because people actually have big items like furniture in storage.”

Annette Tranquilio, of Harker Heights, who has been a tenant at the storage facility for almost two years, also took advantage of the garage sale.

“This gives us the opportunity to go through some spring cleaning and all kinds of stuff that we no longer need,” she said.

The block party featured entertainment by Heritage Park Fitness and the Harker Heights High School cheerleaders, who sold hot dogs and snow cones. As a membership promotion, Sam’s Club passed out water to help participants keep cool.

“All of our tenants were invited to sell and de-clutter their units,” said Lisa Parker, owner of Prospector Storage. “Some are moving, so it’s a perfect opportunity for them. ... Then we just decided to make a big party out of it.”

Boy Scout Troop 232 sold baked goods and other miscellaneous items, said Erin Porter, marketing manager.

Other vendors sold crafts and educated shoppers about home ownership.

More than 1,000 people attended the block party, Parker said.

“I’m sure we are going to make it a regular event,” she said. “It’s to bring the community together. It’s not a moneymaker for the storage at all, but this is something we do to benefit our tenants.”

Other participants showed up to support their friends who were selling items, and danced to the music in the parking lot.

“This is good for the community to get together and get to know your neighbors and it’s an overall great event,” said Kim Lendennie of Killeen.

“I think it’s awesome,” said Harker Heights resident Cindy Dunn. “It gives people a chance to recycle their clothes, school supplies and things like that. It’s nice to see all these different organizations come together.”

Parker plans to host another garage sale and block party next year.

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