NOLANVILLE — The first week of school turned out to be a fun beginning for lots of students, including a group of fifth-graders at Nolanville Elementary School.

“We did a cool thing with (hard candy) to see if it would dissolve halfway or all the way when submerged in water,” said Nolanville Elementary School fifth-grader Colton Huard.

Other fifth-graders in Laura Young’s fifth-grade class at Nolanville Elementary School made the following comments last Friday about what they loved most about the first week of school:

“It probably has to be doing elections for class officers,” said Cadence Sen. “I’m running for class secretary. I got to write a speech and make a poster and practice my speech.” She was preparing to deliver her speech Friday.

“The election where you can pick if you want to be president. I’m running for president because I like to help people,” said Rylee Bethune.

“When the bell rings every day, it’s a different song and we get up and dance,” said Caleb Langley. “We also get in a circle and do fun things to get our energy out.”

“Mrs. Young being my teacher and all the fun activities she does to make learning fun,” said Bella Romero. “I like what we do in the morning with improv activities. She’s not like any other teacher.”

“I like listening to how Mrs. Young makes learning fun,” said Summer Davenport. “She’s telling us people try to get rid of our creativity, but she wants us to hold on to our creativity.”

“Having a fun teacher who loves learning and teaches us in a fun way,” said Casey Reinhard. “I liked getting back together with most of my friends.”

Young is the current elementary teacher of the year for Nolanville Elementary School and for KISD.

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