The hustle and bustle of a new school year fell upon Harker Heights High School this week as students attended the district’s annual Readiness Days.

The school saw more than 1,200 sophomores, juniors and seniors stop in over two days.

“It’s been nonstop,” said Sarah Salter, director for high school curriculum and instruction. Students are happy to show up, eager to start the new year and visit with old friends, she said. Readiness Days allow students to pick up schedules, make any necessary changes, receive textbooks and locker assignments and explore.

“(That way), when school starts, we can get right to business,” Salter said.

Throughout the two-day period, students milled about the building, mapping out routes to their new classrooms.

Senior E’talia Graves volunteered to assist at Readiness Days as a part of the National Honor Society. She spent her time assigning lockers and showing new students around.

“It’s been smooth sailing,” she said, thanks to a lot of planning and organization.

Graves can’t wait for school — and school sports — to begin, naming cross-country, track and soccer as her specialties.

But for her, the best part Harker Heights High School is its inviting atmosphere.

“It’s hard to move in the middle of high school. We try our best to make everyone feel welcome,” she said.

For both staff and students, Readiness Days are about getting into the swing of a new year.

“We’re excited to get the kids back,” Salter said. Shtaff members have been working for the past month and are more than ready for the pace to pick up as the year begins. “It’s a lot more fun with kids here,” she said with a laugh.

Danielle Fritz, campus instructional specialist, looked forward to working with staff, both veterans and newcomers.

“We have a lot of new-to-campus teachers and new leadership,” she said, referring to Principal Larry Brazzil, who will lead the school for the first time after serving as assistant principal for a number of years. “Every year is exciting,” Fritz said.

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