Kings T & U

English and Barry Gehr are reopening Kings T & U, a tea and sandwich shop, across from Harker Heights High School.

English Gehr, a former British citizen, and her husband, Barry Gehr, are preparing to re-open their café, Kings T & U, on Monday. The café relocated from its former location on Knights Way to 1200 Farm-to-Market 2410, Suite D, across from Harker Heights High School.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in August, English has undergone chemotherapy and surgery. But she’s excited to reconnect with some of the café’s former regular customers.

“I look forward to providing the same excellent service as always,” English said. “My local British friends will find me; some have already checked out the building location.”

The Gehrs arrived in Texas nine years ago from California. They brought their four children and, later, other family members joined them here, too. They consider the café to be a ministry of sorts.

“We’ve been ministering the work of the Lord everywhere we go, feeding the people both naturally and spiritually,” English said.

Knights T & U will serve nutritious affordable lunches with lots of fruit, salads, sandwiches and wraps. Much of the menu is geared toward teachers and students from the high school.

“There will be a choice of three different $5 grab-and-go bag lunches for the students,” English said. “Teachers and students can text or call their order in 15 minutes ahead of their arrival in order to make a quick purchase. There is also a lunch special for teachers.”

As a nod to her British roots, English also will offer authentic British tea with cream, scones and lemon curry. A “Platter of Tidbits” will include samples of tuna, Hawaiian chicken salad and “heavenly” eggs.

For more information, call (254) 813-4672.

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