As sizzling temperatures approach, teens caught the party wave at the Harker Heights Teen Dive-In on June 13 at the Carl Levin Park outdoor pool.

Sponsored by the Harker Heights Parks and Recreation Department and the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Public Library, more than 30 fun-hungry teens, ages 12 to 16, splashed around in the cool water — all under the watchful eyes of lifeguard Kaylee Loughran and about a dozen parents.

“It’s a chance to get teens together to swim and meet some new friends while they listen to good DJ music,” said Sarah Mylcraine, activities specialist for Parks and Rec.

Autumn Wilson, 12, dragged her best friends away from their video games at home for the only teen dive-in of the summer.

“It feels awesome to swim and just have fun tonight,” Wilson said.

Bailey Williams, 12, wanted to practice her stroke as she rocked to the music.

“I’ll try not to drown, but my friends will save me, if I do,” she said.

At one end of the pool, a rousing game of water polo heated up. Close by, swimmers perfected their dives while others opted to stay dry, lounging on deck chairs under the umbrellas.

Nicknamed the “little fish” of her family because she is an excellent swimmer, Megan Brown, 13, gave some free swimming lessons to other swimmers, and Artemis Brady, 14, said the swim was rejuvenating.

Leadership hours

Simone Thomas, 14, a volunteer at the Harker Heights Public Library, was having fun with friends while earning some of her 50 hours for the Leadership Academy.

“It’s what summer is all about — safe fun in the sun,” Thomas said.

Watching the action from a comfortable pool side chair, Esther Kent, a Harker Heights parent, thanked the city for offering low-cost summer fun for kids.

“Not every city has the funds to have a swimming party like this, and for only $2 admission per child, I love it and think it’s great.” Kent said.

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